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Arts & Murals in Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas is home to a rich culture of art, and the artworks that showcase the call for justice and awareness to the problems of the Black community are no exception. These stunning displays tell the stories of Black resistance to white supremacy, highlighting the struggles and triumphs of those who have fought for equality. These murals also highlight the ongoing struggle against police brutality, the noose, and the confederate statue. They remind us that the fight for equity is far from over and that we must continue to work tirelessly to create a more just world.


Community members wanted to have a Juneteenth program in the historically Black community that still exists in Fayetteville. NWABH collaborated with another nonprofit group Let's Talk NWA and did just that. There was entertainment By BAANG, DJ music by HerSetHerSound, food and beverages, Fayetteville Fire Department brought a fire truck for the kids to explore, Voter Registration, Raffle of about eight custom pairs of sneakers by collector Wendell Scurlock, the featured speaker was Airic Hughes of Visionari. We had a great turnout of people who had a great time, some of whom could walk to the event from their homes.

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